Transformational Art

...Like Larva

Into Bees...

The Universe Has Spoken!

The Cosmos Wants

Us To Have Fun!

Cosmic Honey is a home for Wild and transformational art and the people who love it!

We are Gathering Together a community of artists, makers, technologists, teachers, farmers, Story-tellers & friends.

We are creating a 433 acre art installation that inspires visitors with a fantastically adventurous Experience.

The Hive is Ready! The Bees are Buzzing!

Like leaves that turn brown and fall.

Like bare branches that sprout with new leaves.

our community has grown & transformed as we've created Magical experiences together.

We are so excited to offer a new forum for transformational art to flourish. We see incredible value in hosting immersive art experiences in the healing arms of Nature 

We've been concocting the silliest& Most meaningful Parties & Art experiences We could imagine for the past Six Years.

The Bees want us to plant flowers.

Here's What the land looks like!

Like a seed turns into a tree.

Like the sun sets and the moon rises.



And with the opportunity to camp on the land, the immersion will be immeasurable

We will nourish reflection and cherish connection

Here's some art

we will put up!

Some ART! At Cosmic Honey!

This is going to be so much fun!