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What is Cosmic Honey?

We are located on 433 acres a bit over 2 hours North of Oakland CA. We have 6 miles of hiking trails with panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness. There is a beautiful 4-bedroom craftsman farmhouse and a party barn. The water is delicious & the air smells clean & fresh.  The house and barn are surrounded by a 70 year old walnut orchard with about 400 trees.


Cosmic Honey is a magical place dedicated to creating a little bubble of reality filled with love, fun, art, expansion of consciousness and responsible tending of the Earth. We want Cosmic Honey to offer an example & demonstration of a loving version of humanity that others can choose to come experience and bask in. Eventually, we want our bubble to pop... and ooze out sweet love-nectar for all to share!


We dream of listening to the land, creating incredible art experiences, planting gardens & food forests, converting to renewable energy, reducing waste, and reusing grey water. We imagine artists & creators from all over the world coming to make meaning and beauty in honor of the Earth and humanity. We dream of jokes, deep friendships, honesty, trust, singing & dancing, sharing delicious food & taking care of ourselves with lots of love. We are excited to experiment and explore as we create a conscious business and join in lighting the way toward a more beautiful and peaceful world.

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A Home Away From Home

So many in our Bay Area communities have dreamed of a place to call home in the country where we can live & grow & play together.


 Cosmic Honey is inspired by this collective dream of having a communal place to slow down and be close to nature. We imagine Cosmic Honey being a place for our communities to deepen our connection to ourselves, the Earth, and each other.


We are all blessed to have been in the bay over the past precious years! We've been creating so much magic together. Our community's city lives are incredible - filled with excitement & inspiration. 


Cosmic Honey makes it so our community can have it all: a city home and a country home.


We are excited about the bridge we can build between the Bay and  Cosmic Honey, intertwining our community's creations in art, spirituality, technology & consciousness with the wonders of nature. 

Cosmic Honey Philosophy

We care deeply about establishing loving ways to treat each other, ourselves & the land. A big part of our excitement for Cosmic Honey is getting to invent the culture and values, and we want members who share our vision and want to add to it!


Our goal is for the culture of the business and community to be based on LOVE! We want members and collaborators who are willing and able to communicate with kindness, clarity & vulnerability. We want to work with folks who take the time to truly listen to each other’s perspectives with curiosity. We love the ideas behind non-violent communication and we imagine hosting trainings teaching healthy communication and decision making. We’ve been very influenced by the book “15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership” and we’d love for members to read it along with the Non-Violent Communication book.


One of the most important topics we want to explore is art. We have seen how powerful art is for empowering ourselves, communicating things we can’t put into words & sparking our imaginations. We see everyone as artists and we want to give our members a place to express & play. We see the value of giving voice to our inner children through art and we want to put plenty of resources towards creating wonder, awe, silliness, play & jokes. We are also excited to explore the intersection of art and spirituality as art gives us a way to communicate the ineffable nature of spirit.


We love all of the energy rising around regenerative systems and we want to join the chorus. We want to go further than just a leave no trace policy - we want for everyone attending Cosmic Honey to leave it even better than they found it. We also love permaculture and want to design the gardens and farming according to permaculture principles. We want to build with attention to sustainability and renewable resources at the forefront.

We love working on projects with our friends and we feel that creating together is a beautiful way to build deeper bonds between us. We are excited to re-imagine ‘work’ as something wonderful instead of something dreaded. We want work to feel like play and for it to be sacred.


We are excited for the LLC that runs Cosmic Honey to take the best parts of cooperative organizations and combine them with the best parts of more traditional organizations. We are influenced by some books including “Reinventing Organizations”, “Holacracy” and “An Everyone Culture”. We are excited to experiment with Appreciative Inquiry, Sociocracy and Holacracy to help us make decisions. We want to work in fun & bright teams with lots of honesty, transparency & emotional intelligence.


We value diversity and we want Cosmic Honey to practice improving our capacity to hold people with different perspectives & backgrounds safely and with love. We are excited to build bridges and learn how to have the conversations that need to happen to create a peaceful world

Love is the best...

Can I Invite Members?

The community we are building at Cosmic Honey is an intentional one.  We want to make sure we add people to our hive who want to love one another and care about the land and each other. We want to balance our intentionality with inclusivity, but for now membership is invite only. Once you are a member you can sponsor other people to be members as well. Sponsoring someone means you are responsible for their behavior for a trial period. We'll keep this conversation going and learn-as-we-go to find the right balance between intention & inclusion. 

Member Weekends

Each year Cosmic Honey will host a series of FREE camp-out weekends for members. As members, we'll all create the camp-outs together.We'll switch off who is organizing, so each one will be different with a different focus. Some possible things we could focus on are community building, sharing our knowledge and skills, games & play, dancing, making art & music, eating yummy food, talking about making the world better, and loving each other. Cosmic Honey won't be providing food during camp-outs, so we'll either do potlucks or shared food purchases.


We’ll also host lots of project weekends each year (also free - plus Cosmic will provide meals!).  We'll build awesome things on the land to make it even more amazing. We’ll make art, sanctuaries, cabins, jungle gyms, permaculture gardens and lots of other sweet additions. We want members to attend at least two of the project weekends.

Leave No Trace


We imagine that being a member is like being a housemate in a cooperative house. By all of us pitching in with laundering our own bedding, cleaning up around the house & grounds, our space will stay beautiful & organized. We can work together to create systems to make this part easy.

We want to take Leave No Trace a step further by setting the goal of everyone leaving Cosmic Honey better than we found it. We feel that this mindset is the one we need to cultivate as humans on planet Earth and that creating that mindset starts in small ways like picking up trash or putting something back where it belongs.


Being a member means being part of the Cosmic Honey team, not a customer. Everyone chipping in on projects, cleaning up after ourselves and working to make and keep the space beautiful is what makes it possible for us all to create and enjoy Cosmic Honey together!


We've never done this before, so things may change, and we will be making rules up as we go. We'll likely make some mistakes and learn from them. We are fine with that...and we want you to be fine with that too.


Being a member is a privilege, not a right and we may have to ask people to leave if they aren't following our code of conduct (which for now is the 15 Commitments of  Conscious Leadership and everything written on this webpage). We'd of course prefer that everyone who becomes a member is the perfect fit, but if mismatches in fit occur, we feel that it is most important to protect the overall community. We want to be direct and clear in approaching conversations about it while also minimizing harm.


Being a member doesn't mean you get to live at Cosmic Honey.  If you want to stay for a longer period of time, let's have a conversation about it and make sure it feels good for everyone. We offer residencies for projects that are longer in scope and that benefit Cosmic Honey. We'd LOVE to talk about you doing a residency!