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Bee a Member of Our Hive!

You're invited to help us build an example of the world we want to live in filled with wildness, joy, inspiration, reverence and a loving and connected community!

Why be a Cosmic Honey member?

Creating community 
  • We—and that includes you, dearest future members—are creating a joyful, wild, inspiring, regenerative, and connected example of the world we want to live in that has many facets (Intentional Community! Permaculture Food Forest! Art Wonderland! Event space! Imagination Tank For the Future of Humans!!). And the only way to make something like this possible is to do it together.

  • As a member, your monthly contribution supports this emerging awesomeness and the unique energy you bring helps to shape it. Thank you for being a part of this with us!


Camp For Free!!!

And Bring

Your Friends!

Connect to nature
  • Cosmic Honey sits on 433 acres of rolling hills in Upper Lake, CA. The land is in many ways the biggest stakeholder in guiding what Cosmic Honey is. We have ~10 miles of hiking trails, campsites&glampsites, millions of plants and animal co-inhabitants all beckoning you to spend time under the stars.

  • As a member, you are invited to camp on the land and you get 4 guest passes each year so you can bring your friends (who do not have to be members) for free! All you need to do is schedule your visit ahead of time on the member reservation calendar.


Play and learn
  • Cosmic Honey values play, joy, following our deepest excitement and learning as much as we can to help us invent the brightest future possible on Earth. In that vein, Cosmic Honey hosts celebrations, workshops & retreats. As a member you’re invited to official Cosmic Honey events AND you’re invited to camp for free. To cover event costs, we still ask members to contribute toward food and production costs.

  • Members are also welcome to host workshops, celebrations & events! We are all creating the experience of loving this land and each other together. Cosmic Honey makes space for you to facilitate experiences for our community with low risk and lots of supportive friends in the audience! Want to host a song circle & meditation weekend? Or a disc golf tournament? Or an unconference about how to be better humans? We welcome your creativity and leadership in building rich experiences & pushing on the edges of what humanity is capable of!


Where does my contribution go?

Your monthly contribution goes towards building the dream of what Cosmic Honey can be. As a community/event space/farm/art wonderland, there is so much possible and it all takes upkeep and money to function. From paying the mortgage to buying 2x4s for art projects, every penny of your contributions goes towards making Cosmic a long-term reality. It goes back to you enjoying the abundance of this place.


In 2019, membership donations helped pay for:

  • Transforming the house's porch, bathrooms & bedrooms into beautiful spaces!

  • Transforming the barn into a theater / venue space complete with a new concrete floor, stage & professional stage curtains!

  • Bio-filtration toilets and outdoor showers!

  • A giant fence to give us all privacy from the highway!

  • Tools and equipment to build trails, and buildings!

  • Property taxes, mortgage & insurance!

In 2020 and beyond, your contributions are going towards:

  • Building a maker space for turning our collective dreams into reality!

  • Transforming the house's kitchen into a beautiful & efficient space.

  • Plants & infrastructure for permaculture projects!

  • Materials for art installations!

  • Campsites & outdoor kitchen space for campers!

  • Infrastructure for keeping everything organized!

  • New tools for creating artistic spaces & building out additional miles of our trail system!

  • Installing an automated gate & lock so that you can have easy access with a code!

  • Property taxes, mortgage & insurance!


How can I support and be involved with Cosmic Honey if I'm not a member?

While it’s true that Cosmic Honey cannot exist without the support of dollars, there’s absolutely room for other forms of support. So, If you want to support Cosmic Honey but a monthly donation is not right/available for you, we are excited about talking with you to come up with creative ways to get involved.


We’re excited to hear your wild/tame/fabulous/impossible/practical/adventurous proposals and pitches. Here are some ideas we’ve had — but these are just our ideas, we want to hear yours!


Some ideas for supporting besides monthly donation: 

  • doing a work/art trade for a few weeks/months and building something amazing that lives on the land

  • be a satellite volunteer and help keep Cosmic Honey running remotely through admin/finance/marketing projects


How does COVID factor into all this?

During the life and time of COVID, Cosmic Honey is still welcoming and encouraging visitors, and we are following a safety protocol to keep everyone healthy. We believe that it's almost more important nowadays to get out of the city for a retreat to nature, so Cosmic's doors are open to you, city dwellers. Come visit for a respite!


Big events will not be not happening until it's safe and responsible to host large gatherings again.


Ready, set...membership!

 You can cancel


 Jump in and Join Today!

Membership contribution amount is sliding scale $20-$200/month.

Thank you for your generosity and support of this special place! MUWAH!

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Let's build a better world together!

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